MOST Renters Miss Out on This Financial Assistance! These Charities Could Help Pay Your Rent

Among other religious groups, Catholic charities offer rental assistance all across the United States. Individual charities are set up in different areas of each state and mainly provide rental assistance programs that work at the county level.

Requirements to get rent assistance are typically minimal. They include:

  • You must legally live in the county area.
  • You must earn a low income, which is reviewed by the charity.
  • You must be at risk of an eviction or losing your housing.

Furthermore, charitable services extend beyond emergency rental assistance. While many Catholic charities help with rent primarily, they also offer assistance in the form of nutrition assistance, help with paying a mortgage, and many Catholic charities even provide utility assistance.

If you’re looking for charitable grants for rent, there may be plenty of local charities that help pay rent in your county.

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